Monday, July 13, 2009

Tanjung Benoa & Turtle Island

Tanjung Benoa & Turtle Island

Glass Bottom Boat, & Turtle Island , tourism is the most suitable if you do bring your children are still small. With a boat underneath you have clear glass, you'll be sailing down the sea aquarium to see you there in the Tanjung Benoa beach. While the bread cast from the boat, the fish will rise and chase the food. The amount and hundreds of colored tails. Similarly scenic coral sea do good. Once satisfied to see the scenery, the boat will cruise to the turtle island , to see the cultivation of the turtle, animalcule quite rare existence. Here you will see a turtle eggs I sit, and still do it small, turtle adolescents up to the adult turtle is ready to become a parent. Type of turtle is not only one, but there are several types. In addition, at this location there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, etc. I very tame, so you can hold for a photo.
This activity takes approximately 1 hour.
Duration of Games: 1 hour
Price: Rp.550.000, -/boat and Rp.1.000.000, --


Parasailing is a game where you will be wearing a parachute and skydiving resort by speed boat around the coast of Tanjung Benoa. So just like skydiving. One game this time round about 4 minutes in the air. Altitude connecting strap between the parachute with boat speed of approximately 80 meters. So flight tolerable level. The game is certainly very challenging and full of fun.
Duration of Games: 1 round
Price: Rp. 135.000/orang


Games JET SKI vehicle use on beaches, such as a motorcycle. Jet ski here you can not ride alone, must be accompanied by instructors, as in the Tanjung Benoa beach there are lots of boats and other Water sport activities, so the collision can be avoided. Do not worry, the instructor, this will only drive from the edge toward the beach to the sea, there to guide you there, turn, lift the instructor. Game time is 15 minutes. If you want exciting drive, try a lunge waves you have .. then you will feel the sensation driving this jet ski.
Duration of Games: 15 minutes
Price: Rp 200.000, -/orang

BANANA Boat Games

Banana Boat boat rubber sole, you will be attracted by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat cargo capacity is maximal 4 people plus 1 person as assistant instructors. You can ask to enter the water during the boat is running, or if not wet .. you're normal. Less exciting is the main banana boat into the water without
Duration of Games: 15 minutes
Publish Price: 110,000